Who will take the step toward the next Connected Steam Oven

Given past performance, this is likely to be the next Disconnected Steam Oven.

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From another perspective past performance has not been too shabby - on balance Anova is the leading pro-sumer maker in the field - that’s surely worth some ongoing acknowledgement…

Product development is a demanding road - there will be bumps along the way - the consensus on this forum seems to be that the last released Anova app is a pot-hole. No doubt the message has been heard.

Seems to me the developers have earned some credit points. I’ll certainly remain supportive while still seeking clarification on details about the new product.

Does this look like it might work similar to french ovens I have seen that have steam for baking bread. Great crusts.

My current oven, which will likely also be my last oven, is a combi-oven. Once you use one, you’re hooked. I used the steam assisted feature a lot.

Not interested. Their app has soured me on any Anova connected device. Until they give serious attention to fixing something they took a lot of people’s money for I’ll avoid the brand.

I am interested to see how it would work for me.

I do like to bake bread, wondering if it would work well.

Depends on the cost and how it performs etc… but very interested in the tech.

To avoid disappointment consider the maintenance of a steam oven and its water source. If your local water hardness is greater than about 6 grains you could experience some significant mineral or scale challenges in the oven.

Good point! Our water is quite hard, have to filter most things

BMF, the best ovens are plumbed in with a special water filter that removes all minerals. The OK ovens require frequent descaling tasks or the use of distiled water.

Hi @chatnoir!

I am playing catch-up reading older posts as I’ve only recently returned from a month of traveling - and staying offline! :slight_smile:

I’m curious - your combi-oven, which you appear to be happy with…could you share the manufacturer and model - and what made you choose it instead of another?


PS - Water hardness is not an issue where I live, so if there is an oven model whose only fault is a lack of handling hard water it would be an option for me!

Mike, welocome back. We missed you.

It’s just a Kitchen Aid 30" Wall Oven with their steam-assisted cooking feature. I just checked and it appears they no longer make it. There might be a few in a clearance centre or an overstock store somewhere.

It was considerably less expensive than similar European models, but not as highly automated which i didn’t particularly value anyway. I have a friend who has a similar Miele oven but doesn’t use the steam feature.

I started using a German Rational Oven back in the 80’s and found them to be of exceptional quality and versatility. Used Rationals are often available at reataurant liquidators. The smallest counter top model would be ideal for home use, but they are scarce. Shop carefully as they tend to be abused by cooks who have no idea of how to use one. You might call your local Rational regional sales office seeking information and the possibility of obtaining a demonstrator from their Training Centre and showroom.

If you get one you’ll have it for life.

I don’t think the first tier customer disservice has a clue about how poorly this/they have handled this debacle. It took me 2 (TWO) months to have my issues escalated to someone who had a clue.
Bluetooth model saved recipes unrecoverable if no account previously established.
The (European) EULA clearly states that they can and do monitor where and how you use the device(s); I have never wanted “spies” in my kitchen, but to continue to use I must let them in.
Egregious behavior.
Technically, the oven may or may not be awesome; software and customer service-wise I have grave doubts.

Not sure what is meant by ‘this debacle’ - the present conversation is simply in response an announcement of a future product. Given that Anova Culinary is now an Electrolux family product perhaps a fairer general assumption may be that Anova sales and support protocols may move to conform with EU based guidelines. That would not be a such bad thing.

As for inviting ‘spies’ into private spaces - think about Facebook, Google, Amazon and many more - if one has any of them they already have you tagged an targeted and most likely on-sell your personal details and habits. EU privacy rules are far more restrictive and transparent that any of that mob.

A product calling home can be helpful. We are very distant from our European built vehicle’s home base - but as necessary Germany calls our car on the on board Sim card - in early days it was voice calls to assist us with setting up all the interconnections - it’s as much a car as it is a computer. In the future if there are vehicle issues Germany may voice call or leave a message on the car’s interface screen - and in the event of the panic/duress button being manually activated or by the vehicle’s computer sensing an accident there will be data immediate exchange between the vehicle and Germany. If correctly set-up the system will advise local authorities and provide them with real time tracking information.

“This debacle” is/was in reference to their recent app “upgrade” which effectively broke links with any and all saved (favorites/recipes) on Bluetooth devices which had no account set up in advance.
The update broke pre-heating before starting the cook timer.
Up to that update, on the Bluetooth-only devices, one could safely use their purchased unit(s) without fear of the app “calling home” as an account was not required FOR FULL AND UNRESTRICTED USE.
They changed their EULA after the fact.
That debacle.
So, yes, a steam oven as they have been hinting at would be a WONDERFUL addition to my (and a large number of others) kitchen(s).
They have, sadly, proven they can’t (or refuse to) produce software which will function as advertised, unless one provides them with personal information.
That debacle.

You seem to have a number of unresolved issues which you want to vent as publicly as possible and that is understandable.

The title of this topic is “Who will take the step toward the next Connected Steam Oven” This is about a future direction, so not sure it is the appropriate place to find solutions to any of your past and ongoing complaints. Community boards become dysfunctional and largely abandoned when every topic is steered into broad ranging negativity.

Perhaps initiate respectful discussion on your specific gripes, That would provide better focus for contributors as well as for Anova product managers and designers. Nothing can undo users’ past bad experiences, constructive criticism would be an easier read for all concerned.

Thanks Frank!

Not sure why I didn’t get a notification that you’d posted a response here, but fortunately I caught it while scrolling! Thanks for the info - now it’s time to do a little research! :slight_smile:

I was responding to franck’s post of 30 September.
My second response was to clearly answer your question/lack of understanding my initial response.

Yes, a steam oven would be of great interest.
Yes, they have software and customer service issues which could be improved.
My concern is not to “be an easier read” but to speak to other member’s concerns here, in this thread.
I am neither an apologist for Anova, nor a troll looking to cause disruption; I am sorry that you thought I was not being respectful.
Thank you for your considered response; If you have further concerns please direct them to an Admin or Moderator here.

My issues are fully resolved.

Do you have any further information/updates on whether this will be strictly a steam oven or a combi-oven?
My most recent call (now 3 weeks ago) with a very nice second tier customer service representative revealed only that things were progressing well, in advance of a public announcement, but he had no further details for me on oven volume or other functions the oven may have.

Combi oven: https://youtu.be/bMiCCZt4P3M

I’m really excited about the oven but also scared that they are going to rely too much on an app. Given their history with the sous video app, I’m a little worried. If the app if fully 100% optional, that will be great.

Also, take a look at this guy complaining about his steam oven: https://youtu.be/bD7IL-k-dxg

He’s over the top but actually makes some good points about the product not being designed from the customers point of view. I think that’s the main problem with the app and can see those same issues appearing in the oven.

Indeed this is the main issue in many new connected products, the app gimmicks overtakes the efforts required to really make a great product design

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