Why are all recipes given exactly 4 stars

I, I am new and looking for recipes in the RECIPES section of Anova. I am just wondering why ALL recipes are given exactly 4 stars? The reason for this, is how can one find out which recipes are the most appreciated if they all score the same? Look at the number that gave a cotation to the recipe? Please help

I never noticed that until just now. Great post, I give it 4 stars.


Some of them have varying star ratings. I suppose 4 stars is just a more popular rating that folks give. Here are some with different ratings:

Sous Vide Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus and Egg (3 stars)
Sous Vide Garlic Chili Tofu (5 stars)
Sous Vide Vegan Ma Po Tofu (3 stars)
Sous Vide Brown Butter Lobster Risotto (2 stars)

If the recipes above are also showing you 4 stars, maybe there’s some sort of bug. Check it out and let me know what you see.

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If there are comments and not just ratings, then that is probably the best way to sort out what the truth is. Also, if there is/are just one or two ratings or comments, you are looking at pot (well circulator :)) luck. If there are many ratings or comments and you can see individual ones and the consensus is for or against, then that is a good indicator.

I reckon you are going to find that there are people who get it wrong, people for whom the result just does not suit their taste etc. But if 10 people say good and one says OK and two say Yeuch, then I reckon the recipe is worth the risk.

My other thought is give a recipe a go, and if it’s’ too this or too that, then apply sous vide techniques (temperature and time, which you have to learn, to manipulate for your best result) to try to suit yourself. Like any recipe.

BUT, while sous vide does not achieve your perfection at first, if you get exactly what you want, next time is exactly the same. Almost unlike any other method of cooking.

Hope that helps.


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I pretty much echo what @RealFBNick said - I tend to look through the comments in a recipe to figure out if it’s something I’d want to try out. They don’t totally dictate my decision, but it influences the way I’ll execute on it. I’ll sometimes make the recipe my own by changing up ingredients or other details in the recipe. Also, my guess is that sometimes folks with rate a recipe without even trying it out. Not something we really have control over.