why arent my fresh peaches sealing in my Chamber Vacuum

I have used my chamber vacuum for fresh peaches before, but this time I am not getting a tight seal

Presumably this is neither your first sealer nor your first time sealing in quantity, so you will have experienced this scenario with other materials you have batch sealed? …the only thing I have ever had complete consistency with was when I matured vanilla sugar 25kg of the stuff for sale as a cubs fete sale.
Everything else suffers the vagueries of the seal, either us skimping on the size / length of the pouch or initial bad seals for unknown reasons.

Without knowing more it is hard to guess (I have non anova sealers) but scrupulous, regular care of seals & not locking them in compression mode when not in use is a possible cause of initial failure.

peaches are fat objects in a pouch after all.

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