Why did my Opah come out mushy

I just got my Sous Vide and Fresh Opah from a top seafood store was the first fish I tried. I couldn’t find any sous vide recipes for Opah so I based my cooking on swordfish.

I cooked the Opah at 137 F for 30 minutes. I added a little olive oil, salt, pepper and a tiny amount of lemon zest. I then finished it off on the grill.

Out of the bag, before grilling portions of the fish were mushy.

Does anyone know what I did wrong.

Thank you, Inor

Hey, @inor I asked a couple of folks in our Facebook group about your question since I was stumped. I am not familiar with opah and I’ve never cooked it. Seems like this is a fatty fish, so it should be treated similarly to salmon. 137F may have been too high of a temperature. There’s a chart on Serious Eats that can help you with thinking about what sort of temperatures might be appropriate for opah, considering the outcome you’re looking for.

I highly recommend checking out the post in the Facebook group to gain in on what others are talking about regarding the opah!

Hope this helps! Others are totally welcome to chime on this.

If it is a fatty fish, perhaps you used a more delicate cut (eg. belly) and the temperature was too high? Although cooking for too long would ruin the fish as well, 30 mins is hardly considered too long. I do find it a strange observation, though. Usuall mushy meat would mean the temperature was too low (please correct me if I’m wrong on this).

I suppose the more important question is, how was it after grilling? If the meat firmed up, then I would think it was ok in the end.