Why don't you respect your customers?

I placed an order 12 days ago and so far I haven’t received anything and every time I asked for a status you said: it will be shipped very soon.

It happens it wasn’t shipped and now you just ignore my messages on the support chat. You should at least remove that “seen” from the messages so people wouldn’t know when you read and ignored.

I’ve sent a request to cancel my order 2 days ago which was seen by you and of course was ignored.

Could you please stop ignoring me and cancel my order? I’m buying it from Amazon or somewhere else where they respect their customers.


ORDER #AUM155358.

You’re best bet is going to get in touch with support or customer service. We’re all users here.

Thanks Brian, I know it. As I said, they just ignore me.

I hope this message serves as a warning to potential new customers.

I wouldn’t be terribly optimistic about that. Most folks come here after they already have purchased a unit. that, and unless people keep replying to this, it’ll just get pushed further and further down. Good luck though.