Why is the website/app so bad?

So…I created an account on the website and saved a couple of recipes. I then logged into the app, but none of my favorites show up. If I create favorites via the app, they don’t show up on the website. So, I have one account but it appears that the app and website don’t communicate.

Also, I tried to go into my account on the website and it assigned me some random picture - and it won’t let me change it. I can go to update it, but the site just sits there.

Finally, I tried to log into the Community to post another issue and I had to create a whole separate login.

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No doubt we can do a better job with integrating all of our properties - which is something we’re actively working on. So right now, “my favorites” will only save on the platform you saved it on. The same is true with the community site…it’s a separate log-in. I totally understand it’s frustrating, but hopefully we can get those platforms integrated soon.

For the random pic - that sounds like something’s off. Are you still unable to upload a new photo? Are any error messages popping up for you?

On the website, I saved a recipe to my Favorites. On the app, I’m not seeing it in my favorites. I searched for this same recipe on the app but it’s not showing up.

@steinah6 merging your question to an existing topic. Here’s the answer to your question: