wi-fi connection

I recently upgraded my wifi from a dsl connection to a faster connection (AT&T U-verse) thru earthlink isp. and cannot reconnect my unit

Hey there! The Precision Cooker Wi-Fi Connectivity Troubleshooting guide might help you out. I recommend reading it through. If you’re still not able to connect, customer support will take care of you. They can be reached at support@anovaculinary.com.

You know, if you would have set all of the wifi network parameters to be the same as it was on your old WAP, you wouldn’t have had to setup any of your devices again?

(ie SSID, password and security mechanism - WEP/WPA/WPA2 - to be all the same as the old network).

The guide Alyssa pointed you to should also include how to reset the APC, so you set it up as a new unit.

Did you mean to write: “I recently upgraded my wifi from dsl connection thru earthlink isp to a faster connection thru AT&T U-verse and cannot reconnect my unit.” ? i.e., EarthLink should no longer be in the picture since AT&T is now your new ISP. I also have AT&T U-verse and they’ve provided a modem that is also a router with the access passcode printed on a label stuck to the back (or bottom) of the unit. [BTW, a separate router connected to the AT&T unit is highly recommended for added security to which the Anova would then be ‘connected’].