Wifi+bluetooth apc

Has anyone tried to connect / operate APC wifi + bluetooth with no wifi router just BLUETOOTH CONNECTION ONLY with the anova official app.

your answers will be helpful

remeber no wifi router just bluetooth only 


Sorry for the very late reply. I do not check on the community forums very often.

To answer your question, YES. I have connect to my APC using Bluetooth only with
the WiFI + Bluetooth APC model.

As with all things Anova it sort of was not obvious. Firstly, I had all sorts of problems with
keeping connectivity with my APC via WiFI. Personally the ability to control it at work
is a bit a gimmick to me, but to each his own.

I have been using my APC unpaired from by Android phone and have been simply
doing cooks manual setting the timer.

To implement your scenario, I blocked the APC at the router and then attempted to
re-pair. When re-pairing, it popped up a example APC display face showing the
current water temp and temp setting and asked to confirm if this was “your” APC.

I selected yes, and then the app (Android) proceeds to attempt a WiFi connection.

I backed out and it prompted are you sure you want to cancel set up? I indicated

Restarting the app now shows a connection to the APC with a Bluetooth symbol
at the top. So I am guessing I have taken WiFi out of the equation and am communicating
solely by Bluetooth.

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Sorry one last thing I did not make clear in my last post, after connecting solely via Bluetooth
I can get the current temperature status of the APC and can set temp, time, start and stop


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