WiFi vs Bluethooth models?

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I am about to buy my first sous vide circulator, and am leaning towards Anova. Considering the somewhat confusing pricing (often, the WiFi model is cheaper than the BT, for example) I ask you the following:

Have anyone experience of both models, and been able to compare the models? Differences in handling, and:

Do you know if there are any differences apart from the software, i.e. build quality, robustness etc? 

Any more opinions regarding which model to choose?

Thank you very much.

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Aside from the BT or WiFi circuit, the hardware is the same.  

Also, the wifi also has both BT and WIFI. This is a great product

I bought the Bluetooth version in early Feb. this year and after using no more than a dozen times, it suddenly stopped working and the device would not light up.  After a few days it worked again and after using it for one time, it stopped working again.  I was given a replacement, this time a wifi version because the bluetooth version was not in stock.  After trying to set up the wifi version a couple of time (I’m not too tech savvy and was worried that it may not be compatible with my router) I was lucky to get it going and it has been working smoothly so far.  I have only use both versions for short cooks, i.e. no more than 2 hrs and at low temps at 65 - 70 C.  What I noticed is that if you open the metal skirt, there is water condensation on the plastic surface which could affect the display screen and would suggest anyone using the Anova to make sure that area around the heating elements are dry before putting it away.  

The Anova is a very good piece of cooking device at an affordable price (compared with other sous-vide machines) when it works.  I  hope that quality control has significantly improved since it was first launched in the US and now available in other European and Asian countries.

@Judy Louey I’m guessing from your condensation comment you don’t take it apart to clean it after every cook?  I certainly do - that way there’s no scale build-up that can impact performance.  Also stands to reason that you want any appliance dry before you put it away.

@Kamelion, if you take care of your unit it should perform well for you.  Every manufacturer has the occasional manufacturing defect - that’s what warranty is meant to take care of.  Very unlikely you’ll have issue.

Thanks fishersd, I just saw your response today.  Since I noticed the water condensation inside the heating element I make it a point to take it apart and wipe it dry.  It would be perfect if only they would address the wifi connection problems.  It works with my phone but not with the iPad.


Hi, the Anova itself it’s the same. The Bluetooth has the issues that inherent with Bluetooth, limited range and the way the walls in your house are can affect connectivity. The wi-fi will not have these problems (provided your wi-fi has good reach around the house, I have a range extender for good coverage) plus it allows you to monitor/control your cooker from anywhere you may be where there’s wi-fi connectivity. Yes, you can be doing a long cook and be at work and monitor the cooker (or the supermarket, etc.). S, if you can afford a little more, I would buy the wi-fi version. A lot of places seem to be having sales. Target sent me an email last week that the wi-fi is now $169.00 and the Bluetooth $129.00. Don’t know for how long. It’s just a matter of how important it is for you to have more consistent connectivity and price.

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That might have been great product :head_bandage:

There is a few major issues reated to WIFI.

The cooker does not work properly.

There is no way you could use WIFI connection on the long run.

In my case:

I can not turn off the cooker. If I do so coo After I finish cooking cooker does not connect to the phone ( app reinstalation, phone reboot, pairing pdoceduer needed each time )

I can not turn off the app If I do so full process ( 15 minutes ) pairing, loging to WIFI neded.

Did engineer think that the cooker was going to be turned on & paired with the phone 24/7 ( BATTERY DRAIN )

That should be noticed on marketing info that is limited 2,4 Ghz WIFI

The app&cooker needs to be fixed. A am considering return.

My phone is Galaxy S7 UPC WIFI connection.


Hey Albert - thanks for contributing to this thread! @albertkuz

Really sorry to hear you’re having issues with the WiFi connection.:frowning:

We want cooking to be easy and awesome with the Anova. We can help you troubleshoot any issues you might be running into with the app. Just shoot support a message so you can get cookin’ with ease ASAP.

Get in touch with support at support@anovaculinary.com! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

I contacted support. What a joke I still have a Sous vide that I cannot connect to WiFi! I spent all day trying on my own as I contacted support just for them to tell me to do the same things I already have done. Then they just stopped responding.
Guess I will be returning this product…

Just buy a cheap machine from Amazon, get a good thermometer so you can adjust the temperature in case it’s not very accurate. doing both will cost less than this one and you’ll probably get an item that works just as advertised instead of getting an item which was rushed out before testing to see if their wifi chip even worked. I regret spending this much money on something that doesn’t work as advertised.