Wire racks hard to slide

Hi, just got my Anova Precision Oven, and it’s going well, although I’m still learning.
A significant problem I have is that the wire racks are extremely difficult to slide back into the oven, especially when hot. Trying to do this quickly with the oven at 250deg C relicts in having to wriggle it and push, wriggle and push. Is it just me, or do others have the same problem, and is there a technique or hint (oil on the slides?) that can be used?
Thanks, Russell

I’m having the same issue after two days of use.

it’ interesting that support has failed to reply to you after 28 days!

I’m still within the return window though and it will be going back if I don’t get a reply.

Yes, it is frustrating. Especially because there may be an answer, such as oiling the runners, but I’m not prepared to do that without knowing there are no downsides, such as burning oil smells.
I also have another question about sous vide temperatures, but it doesn’t seem to be worth the effort to ask.