Would Sous Vide Method be a good way to cook bonless, skinless chicken as opposed to boiling?

My Anova Bluetooth arrives today.  I had a thought last night.  My wife boils a lot of boneless, skinless chicken that we chop or pull for various dishes like burriotos, chicken salad, etc.  I have always hated that she boils all the flavor out of it and can't get her to use a pressure cooker.  Would sous vide method result in a better products with more natural retained juices?

Yes it will work quite well, I’ve done it many times.  145F for an hour or so depending on the thickness of the breast. Avoid salting the meat as it draws the moisture out into the bag.  Pretty much any other spices are fine, I prefer whole or chopped fresh herbs over dried.

Also try putting some oil in the bag before sealing. It makes for a nicer looking chicken if you plan on vacuum sealing. It will be a real supprise how moist and good tasting it is. Remember to season after cooking it.