Wow ! Beef brisket is really cheap !

Okay, so my first brisket turned out fantastic :smiley: 155 for 26 hrs. Flavor was excellent. Only seasoned it with salt, pepper and granulated garlic.

It was super tender. Could have been a little juicier… But I had it swimming in the juice that cooked out of it. Speaking of which, the juice was super flavorful. I should have cooked it down a little, but was worried it would be too salty. After eating it, that would not have been a problem. Oh well next time.
In fact, even as good as it was, I think I’ll still try 135 for 40 hrs, just to see what we like best.
Oh, the side dish was my GF’s famous Zucchini Au Graten :wink: Also off the freaking chain :slightly_smiling_face: Had to go back for seconds of both !

Oh, I also cooked a few pieces of the point (which I kind of destroyed) and it was even better than the flat !

PS, Over on the keto forum, one guy used brisket, along with jalepeno’s, cream cheese and bacon to make something he called brisket Popper’s, and they looked so good, we are doing those tommorow with the left overs :slightly_smiling_face:

…and if I have to do another one for my weekend work sandwiches, so be it :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you try the pull test on one of your slices?

I wonder how a little Liquid Smoke would work out to give it that cooked in a smoker taste?

Yes. It tore very easily, and it cut easily with a fork. But anyway, check back later, or tomorrow… I have another big hunk of brisket in the SV now, at 135 for about 40hrs… Going to see what we like better…

Most recently did 70hrs @52.3C (142F). Came out amazing with salt, pepper, garlic and liquid smoke. Cut mine into 3 roasts, we get them from Costco here for $9/kg ($4/lb), I then spice, and double vac them and freeze ready to go.

Finally someone doing brisket at an intermediate temp ! I always hear of 129 /130… Or 155 ! I’ve done close to both, and 133 was too rare, and 155 was too done. 138-143 sounds perfect to me. In fact, I just finished a tri tip at 138, and it was the best SV I’ve ever done !! Finally have my temp figured out :wink: At least for Tri tip and brisket…

Looks really tasty<<

PRIME is the highest quality grade of beef. It is supposed to have more marbling, than Choice. The fat gives the roast more better flavor and juciness, especially in a long cook, like sous vide. PRIME makes the most difference, in a STEAK.

Any brisket will have a lot of fat, so buy the cheaper one.

Most of the fat on a brisket is on the outside of the meat. It does not penetrate the meat when cooked. Prime brisket has more marbling which makes for tastier and more juicy finished product. I prefer prime brisket.

When it is really cheap I like to add choice trimmed brisket to my hamburger grind. It has excellent beefy flavor but it needs fat and I get that from chuck roast.

Nice briskets, I envy your luck :wink: Looks tasty.