I was using one of the new Anovas to hard-cook some eggs at around 163 degrees. When I went to check on it a while after reaching temp, the temp said -10.6 and the water (when tested with a separate thermometer) read close to 180 degrees. I turned it off, unplugged it, plugged it in again, it still read the same. I took it out and it cooled down a bit and then started reading temp again. When I inserted it back into the water it confirmed around 177 degrees.

So I left it in the water to cool down while I researched the issue and when I came to check on it again, it once again said -10.6. I took it out of the water and it started giving a long unbroken beep that didn’t stop until I unplugged it. I let it cool down a while before replugging it and it once again seemed fine…

Has anybody encountered anything like this? Does anybody have any idea what’s going on? Is it safe to use at lower temps while I wait for a response from Anova? I’ve used it quite a few times since getting it but all at 145 and below. I had big plans for duck for Christmas…

Sounds like a software issue. Wasn’t even aware that the unit could display negative temps.

Personally I wouldn’t use it unless you’ve got something else logging the temperature, just in case it goes way below (or even high and ruins your food)

@chrysoula‌ if this is still happening we’ll want to take a look at it. You can start the return process online here: https://anovaculinary.com/pages/returns/

While cooking at 180 degrees the temp display changed to -10.6. I unplugged it and tried again but it still displayed -10.6. I will be giving it another go tomorrow.

@Biomed If this problem persists, please email our support team at support@anovaculinary.com. We’re happy to issue you a replacement unit!