Accessibility and cooking

Has anyone considered how Anova could be used by disabled people, especially those with poor vision? It seems like it could be a great tool to allow many disabled people to cook for themselves.

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Helen, it might be useful to provide the Anova Support people with suggestions as to how in your experience the device can better improved to accommodate you. Industrial designers likely don’t get anywhere enough guidance in this important matter.

@HMR You bring up a great point. I do know that we currently do not have a program or tool that can make it easier for those with poor vision. However, this is something I will bring forward to the team.

I am hearing impaired and can’t hear the beeps when the timer alerts. Is there a way to check the timer to know if the food has cooked enough time? Does the timer reset to 00:00 when it finishes?

If you’re using the timer with the app, it’ll notify you when the timer is up and it’ll let you know that it’s keeping your food warm. On the unit itself, it just gives a noise notification, but there isn’t a real visual indicator that shows the timer is up.

Thanks for your reply. Yesterday was my first cook.

My app did not seem to indicate that time was up. Is the notification a brief pop up screen or does it remain on the app screen until I dismiss it? Is there a history function on the app?

Also, does the timer reset to 00:00 when the set time expires?

Thanks again.

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The notification on the app will remain on the screen until you dismiss it. Also, when the timer is up, you’ll just see 00:00 when tap on the timer button. There isn’t a history function on the app, unfortunately.

Was your app connected to your Anova Precision Cooker?

Yes, it was. If I don’t see the notification next time I use it, should I contact Tech Support or just return the unit for a replacement?

I would certainly reach out to us at if the notification does not pop up. Tech support can help and so can our returns team (if it gets to that point).