Alarm needs to be fixed!

While I’m sure this topic has already been discussed it has still yet to be addressed by Anova, which baffles me since updating the software on a Wi-Fi device should be relatively easy.

The issue with the Anova alarm is that it constantly beeps and won’t shut off unless you physically unplug the device. This is completely unacceptable for any kitchen appliance, yet alone a REMOTE appliance that people may not always have physical access to. A phone alarm notification through the Anova app and 1 - 3 beeps would be more than enough!

So my question is: will there be a software update in the near future and will this issue be addressed?

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I noticed this as well. I have a son who leaves timer alarms active when he leaves the house, and it also drives me crazy. Still, since the unit remains on after it starts beeping, this way it’s harder to ignore (which is probably the point). That said, pressing ‘stop’ should silence the alarm, but doesn’t.

For now, might I suggest plugging it into a surge supressor (with a switch so you don’t have to physically pull the plug). Also, you don’t have to set the unit’s timer. You can use your smartphone’s (clock function) timer, instead.

While there are many ways to work around this issue, like using a surge suppresor as you mentioned, this shouldn’t be an issue to begin with is all I’m getting at.

And yes, even just having the option to stop the alarm by hitting the stop button would be great! In the mean time I will continue restoring to my smartphone alarm.

Pretty sure this was complained about already on the v1 wifi units more than a year ago. :slight_smile:
I’m guessing you folks have the newer, 900W models?
If it’s still the same behaviour, then they still haven’t addressed it.

(and, since it’s the firmware in the unit, you have to wonder if it can be altered with an update…may not be upgradeable).

Doesn’t pressing the timer button on the unit shut it off?

Yeh I’m pretty sure that’s what I did to shut it off.

That’s good to know, I’ll have to give it a try! That doesn’t really help if you’re not actually there when the alarm goes off though.

Hey all, I will look into this a little more. Mine personally doesn’t do this at home, but I will run some experiments here in the office with some of the newer units.

I think desired behaviour would be that the app notifies you whenever the Anova alarms and gives you the option to silence the alarm (so you don’t need to be home).

Might be handy for the Apple Watch app too…so you don’t have to get out of bed! :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback Steve :slight_smile:

it’d be trivial for the devs to add the api directive ‘{“alarm_active”:false}’ to the ‘stop’ button in the app.

i didn’t realise the timer button silenced it either (edit: misread, i thought the other posters meant the timer in the app), i had been either walking up to it and silencing it or more recently, silencing it programatically via the api.

bit of a UX issue with the app i guess.