Alexa skill for UK

When are we in the UK going to get this skill on Alexa. Bought the device because we were told it was imminent. Totally fed up with American companies selling hardware who then only seem to care about keeping the customers in their country happy. Please don’t keep saying it will be release shortly. Be honest and give us a date.

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Hey @Logic579!

Totally understand where you’re coming from. We definitely want to make all of our customer happy! We’re still working on getting the Alexa skill available for our UK customers. Unfortunately, right now I can’t give you a date. :confused:

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As a fellow UK Anova + Alexa user, this is a desired feature.

@AlyssaWOAH Localisation from the US to the UK version really wouldn’t take much effort, and, like the original Anova+Alexa skill created by Walter_Ego over on Reddit, I’d be more than willing to clone his GitHub repo and make the changes needed to make it work in the UK.

My concern is not knowing how much additional work behind the scenes yourselves have made since his commits and not wanting to re-invent the wheel…

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This is pretty damn ironic, considering that the guy who authored it in the first place is an Aussie. :slight_smile:

Adding @Walter_Ego - not wanting you to break any NDA or other agreement particulars with the ANova folks, but is there an unofficial way you could hook these UK folks up until the officially blessed version is released? :slight_smile:

Edit: I mean, as one of my friends from Aus puts it “The Americans have bastardized the English language more than any of the other colonies…and that’s saying something!” :wink:

It really should have been a cut and paste to populate it on the Australian, UK and Canadian Amazon sites…

Edit2: Umm…if it was launched in Canada and Australia that is…hmm…

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Thanks for supporting this request guys. I think the more people we get on board might help move this along. Anova still haven’t made clear what is the holed up.

There has to be a trick for using the skill in other countries. @Walter_Ego is in Australia, where the echo isn’t launched, yet is undoubtedly using the skill…so there has to be a way to use it with other Amazon locales, no?

In preparation for that information, you guys may just want to create yourselves accounts and grab the skill here:

If I only had an Echo to test with…I would! :slight_smile:

hey, i have made steps towards making it work for the uk. for a while the intent schema would just fail to compile with no helpful error. amazon eventually told us that it was because the AMAZON.Food slot type doesn’t work with the uk alexa skills as seen here:

then i had to move house and travel a bunch.

i’ll get it going eventually, likely just using the AMAZON.Literal slot (which is frowned upon, but with no food slot i either have to make a custom slot with every food type a user is likely to utter, or just allow anything), which will mean i have to fork the code for each language.

if anyone has any better suggestions let me know.

as to a time frame, i don’t yet know, but work is being undertaken to get it going.

edit: AMAZON.Literal doesn’t work with uk skills either, so jumbo custom slot full of food words it is!

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Ugh! Why not have ANova contact Amazon and have them be reasonable and make these slots (which are developer preview anyways) available on the UK site? (seeing a bunch of the list examples as being UK items and people only makes it all the more ironic!) :slight_smile:

@HunterC, @AlyssaWOAH - hopefully you have someone that has an existing relationship with the folks over at Amazon - get them to do the right thing here.

@fischersd just got word that the skill for the device is currently in the review process.

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@BarryGoodsell saw your question on the other thread. I just checked earlier this morning, and the skill for UK is still in the review process.

Hi, Any update on this yet?
How long is the review process typically?


I’ll update this thread once I get new information/ when it’s implemented! @coley

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It is now October 2017 and the product is still being sold in the UK and advertising the Alexa feature, Ironically on itself. Yet the anova skill is still not absent (using the account suggested above does not work, I have accounts with UK and US amazon). That is effectively false advertising if this remains the situation. Can someone confirm whether it is still not available in the UK? If that is the case then I will be returning the product to amazon and filing a formal complaint against amazon for false advertising. I’d rather keep the product though and am hoping that someone can kindly confirm that I have missed something?? (thanks in advance)

excuse my bad writing, - is still absent

Hey @Reefx can you send me the link / screenshot to where you see this being advertised on

Super disappointed that I just set up my Anova and can’t use it with Alexa! What’s the point in having the WiFi version

Hey Rick. It was submitted to Amazon, but we learned there are a few things that need to be ironed out first. Sorry it’s not available yet! We’re currently working on it.

Ok, let a developer go to, go to the skill, add English(UK) as a language and configure it the same as the English (US) version. Click submit for certification and it should be in the store within a week… is it that hard? :wink:

Also make the linking work better. Even after re-linking everything and setting up the cooker again, Alexa says there is no cooker in my Anova account. (Which I can’t check anywhere)

Please Contact support. @Ivo-tje

Any chance of a Christmas present of the skill for UK echo users? :christmas_tree:
I know Amazon don’t plan on migrating skills using AMAZON.LITERAL slots, but this has been worked around as the skill is with Amazon for approval.