Alexa skill missing

Got my WiFi Precision Cooker for Christmas and I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out new things with it. I asked for the WiFi unit because of the extra wattage and the Alexa integration, however the skill is not available in the Alexa app. Can you tell us when it will be back?

Me too!

Ahhhh, it should be there. I know there was a bug affecting the skill, but it was reported fixed. I will report back with our product team and let them know something is still screwy. :sweat:

You guys are right - the skill is awaiting re-approval.

Is there a time frame on when the updated skill will be available?

Is it available in the UK as well as the US?

Hey guys. Because the skill wasn’t up to our standards, we’re currently working on it so it can kick butt. I’ll give you more updates as they come. Our team is estimating a couple of weeks.

It would be most useful to publish the list of countries for which the skill is available.

RIght now, the skill is only available for the US. When we get it re-enabled, we’ll work on other regions.

It’s now May and the Skill is missing. Any update? I’m US based.

I must be missing something. If the skill is available in the US, I can’t seem to find it. Could there be a short tutorial posted for how to enable the skill?

If you already had the skill prior to it being pulled, you should still be able to use it. But if you didn’t have it before, you won’t see it now. @Marty_Wells unfortunately I don’t have any new updates at this time. :confused:

Is there any update as to when integration with alexa or google home in the US will be available? This is part of the reason I purchased this unit. If it doesn’t integrate you shoulding be advertising as such.

Hey, I responded to your DM to me. For Alexa, we don’t currently have an ETA as to when that will be done. Google Home is available and has been. Are you not able to locate it? We have instructions on how to connect to it too, if you need it. But if you’re having trouble, I can help you out - just follow up with me in DM. Also, can you let me know where you see it advertised?

It is now December. Have there been any updates? I would really like to use this with my Alexa devices.

The project of having the Alexa skill back and running on the app has been de-prioritized. This update is true for all and any geos we may have mentioned before to work on.

the skill is on the usa skill store but not australia.

this needs to be fixed ASAP, as it was my reason for going with the anova wifi model.

will be returning it if this cant be fixed soon.

Hi @Katekate

Actually the skill is not on the USA skill store either.
The Anova Alexa skill is not available at all at this time, and per Anova other projects are taking precedence over development of an Anova skill, so it may be some time before it becomes available anywhere. (Personally I don’t really see a need for it at all, but I know different people have different requirements.)

You should really take down the advertising in Target that shows it works with Alexa if you’re not going to honor that, it was a big factor in my decision and it doesn’t work

Did you see the ad online, at the physical store, or elsewhere? @nc963y