Alexa skill STILL not working

Error message from Alexa when I ask, “Alexa, ask Anova the status”. I couldn’t find a cooker linked to this account.

I’d previously unpaired the cooker, signed out of my Anova account and disabled the Alexa skill and only then re-connected everything.

So what to try next?

Could you try to see if it’s now working? There was a bug that affected the Alexa skill. I was just given word that it has been fixed and should be up and running.

Let me know it’s not, though!

The skill is no longer seen on the Alexa website nor the iOS app. Maybe a new version is being uploaded. I’ll check later tonight.

After multiple tries, I’m giving up on connecting my cooker to Alexa. I’m not sure how you folks published something that many people seem to be having issues with. Doesn’t seem like it was QA’d much, on all platforms, various versions, etc… Nothing seems to work. I’ve disabled/enabled the skill multiple times, re-paired the cooker to the IOS phone app, reset various connections, nothing. Disappointing. That said, the cooker itself works great. ZERO complaints about its use. Love it. The Alexa portion would just complete the circle. And also, as a another member posted, you can no longer find the Anova skill when searching on Amazon under “Alexa Skills”

The Alexa skill is undergoing a major overhaul to make it more reliable. Amazon and Anova came to the decision that we would temporarily suspend the skill until the refactoring and testing was complete.

I’ve suggested this approach before regarding the Anova app - I’ll now suggest it for the Alexa skill… If your QA department has a suite of critical path tests written up for the Alexa skill please feel free to release them to the community for execution! I know from reading posts from others in this community forum that I’m not the only one of us who has some years of experience as a developer and/or tester - or are simply very tech savvy. I think we could at the least provide valuable feedback to you as we execute the tests on multiple units and home networks.

Free testing. Win win? :slight_smile:

Any idea when the skill will be available again?

I found the Anova skill in the Alexa app. If you search for “Anova” and then click on the “Sous Vide Temperature Guide” skill that comes up, and scroll down to the “Customers Have Also Enabled” section, the Anova Culinary skill is the first one. I successfully installed it from here, and also successfully linked my account. That said, it seems to be the old, buggy skill. I’m having the same problem as the OP - it cannot find a Precision Cooker attached to my account. Bummer. Any ETA on a fix @AlyssaWOAH?

@pixelauthor let me ask the team and get back to you on this. I will check where we are in this and what our confident ETA is.

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@pixelauthor Spoke with my team. I don’t have a solid ETA, but we’re working on finalizing Nano features and Alexa is up next after that.

Thanks @AlyssaWOAH! The Alexa skill isn’t really a necessity, just a “nice to have”. Thanks for making such a quality product - can’t wait to start using it.

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Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:

I have Alexa on my Sonos One, will it work once the app is released?

Yes, once the skill is release.

Last update was June of 2018… what is the status of this skill. I just bought the WI-FI version and as I was unpacking the documention indicated that it was Alexa “ready” only to stumble around for hours to find this. Please advise

Thank you

Please see the following thread.