ANGELA (AGAIN) CS software or Anova personnel?

The first time I ran into Angela there was a problem (as described elsewhere regarding hit & miss CS)
I had to get it bumped to Trey who helped out no end & was far more open as to knowledge & answering questions that enabled me to attempt successful repair of my gone faulty, random event that resulted in a not so straight impeller shaft recovery.

When you use chat you get whoever answers, in my case it was angela (again) …the last message I sent is showing on the system as still being unseen over 3 weeks ago (I’m pretty sure it was much longer, which begs the question as to how reliable the chat service is!)?

So, does this mean the message seriously only get checked when someone with their picture, & name on the box, (but interestingly enough not on the “who we are” page)

Again, begs the question of if you are seemingly NOT checking over the forum to nip problems in the bud, & NOT even checking in to see messages on the orange box, then what are you doing?

As my initial experience with Angela was not great, a second questionable (either via tech error or possibly her own attitude towards her job does not look great)

At this point I would simply ask for any problem or comment to be dealt with directly by a manager not a lower end CS, they tend not to know their arse from their elbow as we say as I’ve had very little success with mainstream anova CS employee’s.

I’d love Anova to answer / address the whole this directly but, do pigs fly, popes, bears n’woods etc, thus I can only assume the worst with no word from anova (& i’m a far less harsh angry critic here than many who fly in here mouths blazing)