Anova always long beeps just by pluggin it in.

This started happening recently. Every time I plug in the Anova (it’s already in the water) it does a long beep. I unplug and re-plug in 5-10 time and sometimes randomly it will just work again. I’ve also taken off the shaft and tip and sometimes that works but more often, not. Occasionally it will start to work and 10min in, it will start to long beep again. So now I don’t trust leaving this thing alone for long cooks…

This was a gift to me so I don’t know when it was bought and I don’t have the receipt.

Usually a long beep is an indicator that the water level is too low. Have you checked this? Also, even if you don’t have the info for the cooker, you can still reach out to and we’ll help you out.

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You can try and ‘descale’ the unit in a vinegar solution and run it for a few hours and see if that helps. Just like you would with a coffee pot.

From what I can tell the water level is determined by the unit through some sort of conductivity between the probes through the water under the metal shield. When it goes into the long beep when the water level is OK then there is some sort of ‘connection’ issue between the probes.

Once the vinegar solution that stopped working for me, I took a strip of aluminum foil, the length of the width of the aluminum foil box. Folded this over on its self a few times to create a 1/4" wide strip of aluminum foil. I then started by wrapping this around one of the probes, then moving to the next probe and wrapping around that one and continuing on until I connected all the probes to each other with the aluminum foil strip.

Do not wrap it around the impeller that is in the center which circulates the water.

After I did this, it seems to by-pass the water level auto shut-off (Long beep) and the unit has been running for over 2 years without the long beep issue.

Warning, if this does bypass the water level shut-off, you could damage the unit on a cook where the water level is too low.

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yivek Thank you for the pro-tip hack! Looks like my unit is out of warranty so Anova can’t help me at all. Although they did offer me $25 credit towards the purchase of a new unit, I don’t think I will be using Anova in the future nor recommending them.

Hi @BobRoss
I just wanted to make sure that you know the Anova’s currently all have a 2 year warranty (so your unit is only out of warranty if you bought it over 2 years ago). Thought I’d let you know just in case because they extended the warranty a while back and I didn’t want you caught off guard and thinking you only had a 1 year warranty. Good luck.