Anova App & WiFi

This seems to be an ongoing issue for a lot of people - why cant you just fix it? I have never known a device to have such issues connecting to a wifi network.

Before you send me to this link…

I have done it all, numerous times… In the order I have seen in all of the posts, restarting after reinstalling the app … etc etc

I have Uninstalled the app (and reinstalled it - ensuring all settings are “forgotten” - cleared the Anova (twice, by pressing and holding the wifi button until I have a beep off it). I’ve turned off my repeaters … even disconnected every other wifi device. Its running on 2.4GHz there are no spaces in the name of the SSID (which is visible) or the password.

Please help me get this simple task completed - I have also emailed you!


Thank you for emailing us - that’s definitely one of the best ways to get help with any issues you might be facing with your unit. We’ll be sure to follow up.