No wifi on applicance

Hi has anyone else had a brand new anova pro and you cannot connect to the internet or pair the device?
I cannot change router channel as suggested and just wondering if anyone else in Australia has similiar issues or suggestions?

I don’t know if this can help but when I got my precision cooker a month something ago, out of the box I had problems connecting it to the WiFi network.

Basically when I enabled the WiFi scan mode it would find my home WiFi network (but not always) but it took me 5 tries to make it able to connect and pair with it. It was stuck after inserting the password until I received an error, however once successfully connected I downloaded the firmware update from the app and from that moment the connection is super fast and rock solid.

I am in the uk and having the same issues! Should’ve listened to the reviews :tired_face: the buttons appear not to work as well? Trying desperately to find a solution as we had to send the last one back too!