Anova has problems with iPad Mini 2

Hey there,

no problems at all connecting my Anova to my iPhone 5S (latest Software as of Dec 20), however my iPad mini 2 connects (The BT symbol turns blue), but no data is exchanged. iPad can’t start the cooking process nor transmit temperature or duration data.
iPad 2 mini does have Bluetooth 4.0

Hey @korgo! currently our app is designed specifically for phones, so sometimes there are some issues when trying to connect with tablets. I do know that some people still do though, so maybe the community has some recommendations.

I would maybe try making sure your location services are on, because that can sometimes affect it.

Hi there. I opened my sous vide cooker christmas present and am eager to get started. I and frankly, everyone i know who uses the internet intheir kitchen uses their ipad, in part because of the bigger, easier to see screen. I am nonplussed that ANOVA does not offer an IOS app for the ipad. surely, this is in the works right? I mean i have a bunch of ug at the university (UCSD) who, I bet, could easily create it from you iphone app. what’s the problem?

Hi @kauaisam, We are working on it right now, I think they’re may be some work arounds, but an official Ipad app is in the works. So sorry it hasn’t been created yet.