Anova machine

I want to check mine is Bluetooth version. Can I let it to cook the food then I leave house do other things ?

Hey! If you want to control your Anova Precision Cooker remotely, this can only be done with WIFI connectivity. Your cooker’s connectivity will drop with Bluetooth if you’re out of range.

Technically, you can leave your APC running without any BT or WIFI connectivity. You just won’t be able to control it or check on its status away from home.

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One of the most significant benefits of SV cooking is it is so forgiving.
And i have found the Anova to be particularly reliable.
It completely allows you to do other things.
You don’t have to watch it, or even be near it as you cook.

It can’t possibly overcook your food and if for some reason the cooking process stops, the temperature will gradually fall. That’s all.
When you return, just reset your Anova and continue to cook.
That’s never happened to me in years of experience with SV.

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Can I also check can cook fish grouper ?


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Yes, you can check anything while it cooks.

Grouper is particularly delicious when cooked SV.

You sure can!

When are you thinking about cooking grouper? Already have a recipe? @PeiPei_Sisi