Anova malfunction

Hi there,

I’m having a issue with my anova, the thermometer keep popping between 386.7 F and - 39.3 F, it doesn’t matter what I do, plug it, unplugging it, set a higher temperature or lower, nothing changes. It doesn’t allow me to cook anything.

I’ve report to customer care already, but have any of you experienced this issue before? And what did you do to fix it?

Thanks in advance


I think all you can really do is wait for Support to get back to you.

Hey Winlon!

Sorry to hear about your Anova Precision Cooker. As @Ember mentioned, support would be the right peeps to chat with about this. It looks like Cristy has addressed your inquiry not so long ago. Please be sure to follow up with her! :slight_smile:

Hi Winlon,

Would you please tell me what the problem turned out to be and how was it resolved?


Kind regards,