Anova Nano Beta Testing

Hey food nerds! :meat_on_bone:

We at Anova will be conducting a short user test for one of our upcoming products: the Nano. You folks have been helpful in the past with product feedback and we’d love to hear more of it.

The beta test will be conducted March 9-18. You must reside in the San Francisco Bay area, as we would like to do an in-home interview at the end of the test. You’ll be committing to testing the Nano for at least 3 cooks, while providing insights and feedback.

If you’re interested in testing the Nano, please fill out the application to be considered for the test.

Application for beta → Anova Nano Beta Testing

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks gang!


I am guessing Chicago is too far away. :grin:

Sorry guys, the form wasn’t working right. It’s now working. yeah! :frowning: I am sure we’ll have more in the future that’s open to other GEOs

Testing the Nano for at least 3 cooks. SERIOUSLY?
2018-03-04 - A mere 3 cooking sessions is far from acceptable. It’s very insufficient and 10 days is very short. Anova seems to be stubbornly repeating errors from the past.

Yep. This doesn’t look like a question, but if you have one, let me know. :slight_smile:

Reference ANDRE1D’s comment, I’m guessing there might be some confusion. Do you mean you are looking for an unspecified number of testers in the San Fransisco Bay area who will each commit to testing the Nano for “at least 3 cooks” (i.e., for 3 recipes/dishes) while providing insights and feedback? OR are you looking for (only) three people in the San Fransisco Bay area who are willing to test the Nano, providing feedback, etc?

@LillyJo Ohhh no not just 3 testers. Testers will commit to at least 3 recipes/dishes/cooks during that week. We’ll be selecting well over 3 testers.

LillyJo - I understood the original announcement as being a “minimum of 3 cooking sessions” or “3 cooking tests”, if you prefer.

Send it here to Ohio where normal people live just saying :slight_smile: