Want To Test The Ice Bath Feature, iOS Beta?

Alright folks - I mentioned the ice bath beta in another thread. But I wanted to make this a little more visible:

Right now we’re testing the ice bath feature in the beta version of our iOS app. Full blog post on this is up.

We would really love testers to give us feedback on it. If you do decide to become a tester for the beta, be sure to send us feedback at feedback@anovaculinary.com or directly within the app. Anova app --> More --> Give Us App Feedback

How to sign up to be a tester: Now you can sign up directly through our blog post. Screenshot of where you can find the link to the form to sign up is attached below:

Once the form has been submitted, we’ll send you an email with the link to the beta.

Please be sure to watch the video and read the article. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to jot them here in the comments.

Note: We’re still working on Android. Once that’s done, I’ll let all of you know.



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Interesting. I’ll give this a go. Since I have setup my water bath in a cooler box, it should be able to keep the food at a low temp for a very long time. But I do have one question. Step 10 says “You will get a notification when the temperature reaches 40˚F or 4.4˚C, then you can simply start your cook from a pre-selected recipe or guide, or enter your preferred time and temperature.”

My question is: Is it not possible to setup the APC to automatically start cooking at a predefined temp should the bath temp exceed 40F? Or do I have to manually interact with once I get the notification? What if my phone is not online at the time of that event and I don’t get the notification?

PS: if anyone is interested in using a cooler box for a water bath, here’s a link to my other post describing how I have that setup. APC with Coleman 28 Quarts / 26.5L cooler



In the survey thing for signing up to become a beta tester, we’re given the choice of either iOS or Android. I actually happen to have both and I’d like to sign up for both. Shall I just sign up twice?

Maybe you can add the option in the drop down menu for people to be beta testers for iOS, Android, or both.

Do I need to sign up with the same email as the one used in my AppleID or Android Play Store?


It’s not set up automatically, you will have to interact with it to get it start cooking. But that’s a good point. Since we’re trying to collect feedback in one place for the ice bath feature - could you jot this down at https://anovaculinary.com/pages/feedback/ or directly on the app (select “more” --> Give Us App Feedback)?

Yeah, it looks like either or. But I am going to ask if we can have that form changed so you have the opportunity to select both (without having to submit the form twice).

You can use whichever email you want. We just need an email address where we can send you the beta app!

Update: just got that form changed so you can now select both iOS + Android. Thanks!

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Update: the ice bath feature is now available on iOS and Android for WIFI APC users. :slight_smile: