Anova not heating up water after only two uses

I just received an Anova precision cooker for Christmas and while heating water today for only the third use, the temperature steadily dropped after beginning to heat for a short amount of time. Is this common? Is there a way to reset the cooker?

Contact Anova Support ( They should be able to assist you.

Is it possible your water level is too low? The anova still lights up to some degree when this happens but no heat or circulation pump.

The water was circulating and the level was above the minimum line. At one point it dropped down to 109 degrees then the set temperature changed to 109 and it beeped as if ready to cook. It had been at 184.

Sometimes giving it a 24-hour rest can help. But I would still contact customer support so they can bring that cooker back to good health.

Last post was six months ago. What was resolution per Anova Support?