Anova on a Meraki wifi won't work

Just got my self an Anova Wifi but can’t for the life of me get it connected to my wifi.

Or actually I can get it connected but the app just says it can’t connect. I’m running Meraki access points and I have a fairly good knowledge about wifi and networking.
I can see the Anova connected (it’s called ESP_290C21), it has received an dhcp address but my app just won’t pic it up.

What I’m I doing wrong? Can I manually point to app to the ip somehow?

Have you gone over the network requirements doc?

Do you live in a hotel, or why do you have industrial networking kit at home?

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I gave up on connecting my Anova to meraki hardware. I don’t think it will work; I came to the end of 3 years with my Meraki fullstack and recently changed to another vendor. Here’s what I suggest…

Try turning your 5 ghz off entirely on your SSID. You may have to contact Meraki support to get that option enabled in your dashboard.

With 2.4 Ghz only, connect your mobile device to the SSID you want to connect to. Then try to pair your Anova to that SSID.

It’s possible that you might have to leave that SSID in 2.4 Ghz only. Or maybe after you connect to it with the Anova (if the above steps work), then you might be able to revert the SSID config back to Dual Band operation.

Hope that helps,


I have my Meraki “unlocked” as I needed a pure 2.4GHz ssid earlier, but that don’t help.

To test I setup a DD-Wrt router with a 2.4 ssid but same issue.

But to be honest, it looks like an app issue to me. Both on the Meraki and DD-Wrt I see the Anova connecting and staying connected, but the app just won’t find it.
Can it have something todo with my iPhone X?