Anova Precision Cooker - 220V UK-Plug

My Anova just arrived but its not a UK Plug version, despite ordering that, very disappointed. I understand i can buy a convertor, but i live in rural scotland and that means an online order, which won’t get here for the weekend. Why do i not have a UK plug despite that being the order.


Same here. I’ve been chasing support and my options are “buy a converter” (but they can’t tell me which one) or send it back for a replacement (but they won’t send the replacement until they’ve “tracked” the return) which also means I have to drive over an hour to get to the nearest FedEx place.

Seems a bit like they didn’t have enough UK plugs to fulfill orders so they’ve just decided to send people the wrong unit and hope not too many people make a fuss.

Really disappointing initial impression for me. That plus having to chase support so hard to get a response.

I ended up buying an adapter. It worked once at least, so hoping it will continue to do so. Still disappointing though - especially anova’s (lack of) response.