Anova Silicone Bag question

Hi, I just bought two Anova Silicone bags and have a question. Can I submerge the bag “sideways” so that I can get more food underwater? They seem to be designed vertically rather than horizontally.

For example, there appears to be room for two pork chops in one bag - but rather than stacking the chops vertically in what would have to be a very tall water vessel, I’d rather submerge horizontally. But if I do that, the “sealed” end of the bag would be submerged.

Would that work or would the seal open and spill into the water bath?

I am always wary of seals so I personally would nt try it on a meal until I had tested it. What you might try is to fill the bag with water and a couple drops of food coloring then submerge as you suggested and do a cook to see if any colored water leaks. I have had zip locks fail and it is generally a mess.