Anova sous vide problem

I have successfully been using this for years. Suddenly it would not come out to be themperture programmed but was MUCH lower checking with thermometer. Ruined several dinners. This happened 3 times, so I got a new one. Same thing on the new one. Says 130, -----> 110. Anyone else with this? Could you fix it?

This is not a problem that has been mentioned that I can recall. I would contact support. Just to cover all bases are you sure your thermometer is accurate? Try it in boiling water to verify 212°F.

my separate thermometer is accurate. Boil what?

Try your thermometer in boiling water to verify it reads 212°F.
That is something support asks to validate your thermometer is accurate. It probably is but like I said covering the bases. Support should be called because there are no serviceable parts related to temperature control.