Anova Spotting - Where have you seen an APC in use?

Thought it might be a bit of fun to keep a list of where you’ve seen an Anova PC in use. Shameless name dropping is welcome.

An example of what I mean…

Any Aussies who regularly watch Thursday evening’s food night on SBS or the same night on SBS Food Network (which is, I think in partnership with the US Food Network) may have seen Destination Flavour Singapore. Former Australian MasterChef winner and now TV foody, Adam Liaw, has been regularly using an Anova PC as he puts together a menu to show off the very best of eating in Singapore.

Over to you…


Going back into old posts! :wink:

I don’t regularly watch television, so I haven’t seen on there! I’ve seen it in random YouTube channels and blog sites. I wonder what US shows/movies have had the Anova PC dropped in there. I should probably know this haha.

I really thought there might’ve been a few other instances show up, @AlyssaWOAH. I’ve seen them appear in a few other cooking shows, but can’t think which ones for now. MasterChef Australia uses sous vide quite a bit, but they usually use a water bath variety.