Anova Support Department

In my 51 years of being a consumer, I have NEVER ONCE encountered such a fast, efficient, polite, courteous, understanding support staff as I have found here with Anova!

Zero delay, super polite and helpful really doesn’t cover how I appreciate how you handled my issue.

Through this experience, you have gained a life-long, loyal customer. I will be buying Anova products as gifts for my family and friends.

Thank you so much!


P.S. - Thanks Rikka Villaster (Anova Support) You are the BEST!


Hey @Axe! Thank you sooo much for writing this post - it’s very much appreciated.

I am very happy that our customer success team was able to get you what you need! I will personally let Rikka know about the amazing job she did in taking care of you! :blush:

I just reached out to Customer Support and was given a list of questions:

Order # (or Amazon order #)
Screenshot of order receipt (if not purchased from our website):
Name the order is under:
Email address used to purchase:
Model: (Anova One | Anova PC Bluetooth | Anova PC WiFi)
Plug type (US | EU | UK | AU):
Shipping address:
Phone number:
Date of purchased:
Video showing the issue (if the device is outside the US):

I can only answer half of these…

@Ken_Charuk Yeah, that’s standard. Try to fill out as much as you can.