Anova Touch Wifi model

Any word on a release timeframe for the Anova Touch talked about at CES? Or perhaps some details on sepcs?

Hey @noturbizniss !

While we don’t have any specific release dates or specs, we’re working hard on releasing the Wi-Fi unit :) 
As soon as we have any information to share, we’ll be posting it across the internet !


I know you can’t give dates, but it sounds like you are looking at a minimum of a few months, not weeks?

This would be great. I am not sure what my wife would think of me having 3 units. I really like having two; I can time it so my vegetables and meat are done at the same time. One great thing about the midwest is that we get the best corn on the cob straight from the farmer the day it is picked. I cant wait until the fresh corn is available. that’s what eBay is for :)