Anova WiFi Precision Cooker pre-orders for EU?

Currently, only the US/Canada can pre-order the Anova WiFi Precision Cooker and get the $50 discount. No (pre)orders for the EU are possible at the moment. I’m assuming they will become available in the future (when?). When they do, will the EU customers also get a €50 discount on pre-orders?


Hi @meken

We’re expecting international WiFi for mid February 2016 :slight_smile:

While I don’t have a reply for you regarding the pre-order pricing, I’ll get back to you here as soon as I do!

hello, i have pre-ordered the eu inten wifi version when this was available for your ordering page and i hv been repeadedly told (once by email and once by chat) that the unit will be shipped by mid oct, now i am alarmed, can you pls clarify/reconfirm?


I even asked by chat before ordering and was told that the EU version would be shipped in the US mid October.

Great - I have pre ordered the UK version assuming an October shipping date as there is no indication otherwise. Bill can you confirm that I’ll be waiting till Feb before I cancel the order?

Are you guys sure you’re not talking about the BLUETOOTH version, rather than the WIFI version? I don’t see any pre-ordering for that, and as Bill said, there won’t be before mid February 2016.

"Buy WiFi | Pre-order WIFI....*Pre-orders ship October 2015" That is from

Should be "Buy Bluetooth | Pre-order WIFI" sorry, mistyped.

Workin’ on a firm answer for you folks :slight_smile: I’ll update before the end of the week!

@Bill said:
Workin’ on a firm answer for you folks :slight_smile: I’ll update before the end of the week!

Hi Bill, please also advise on the Australian version. I too had pre-ordered on the basis of an October shipping date - which is clearly stated on the pre-order page. Understand that there might be some slippage of dates on a new product but if there are different dates for outside of the US this should be clearly communicated, especially if it’s as late as Feb. This is 5 months after the advertised date and currently all of your international customers have every reason to expect the product in October 2015. This is pretty bad.

Hi all,

If this interests anyone… a direct query to Anova support yielded the following responses:
"We apologize if you were confused by the mixed information.

The shipping of the WiFi units is going to start on October 15th and the
availability of the 220v wifi units is on February 2016.

You will receive a new shipping confirmation on or after October 15th once your package ships out."

Regarding my specific order:
"You were one of the lucky persons who were able to order the 220v while
they were still available. You will receive your 220v wifi units as soon
as the shipping starts.

The February 2016 is only for those who were not able to order the 220v units."

So it looks like if you’re an international customer and pre-ordered prior to some unspecified date, then you will have the product shipped on the 15th Oct 2015. Otherwise you need to wait until Feb next year.  (looks like I got lucky!)

Nice. I have found the Anova support people will go above and beyond. I am tempted to order the wifi but holding off because of exchange rates.

Hi tim8wilson 

can you confirm if you’ve got your item delivered already or if you have an idee when it will arrive. I think was in your situation, preordered soon enough an EU unit and was promised specifically mid oktober delivery but now I got an email saying probably item shipping in December. Has anyone got a similar email?

yes, me too, got this today

We’re expecting the international Precision Cooker WI-FI devices to arrive at our global warehouse locations in early December, with fulfillment beginning immediately thereafter.