Anova won't connect to wi-fi!

I had some sporadic issues several years ago with wi-fi connection.

Emailing with customer support proved very beneficial.

The precision cooker pro ( and probably the rest of the precision cooker product line) prefer to connect via 2.4G wi-fi.

Once i turned off the 5G band on my router i was able to quickly connect to my wi-fi.

Following that connection i turned my 5G back on and the precision cooker pro still connects quickly every time i launch the app.

I’ve since migrated to fiber & a different modem/router. I made sure to have a 2.4G network name added to it to support my Anova.
Still works perfectly.

During troubleshooting via email with support i did update my firmware and reset my Anova. Making sure that the wi-fi connection occurred over 2.4G was the ticket. I can start, stop, change temperature or time remotely anywhere i have phone service.

Hope this helps you.