Anybody Had This Issue?

I’m getting a loud long beeping sound. I found out it’s from getting moisture in the head of the unit. I should soak it in rice. Haven’t done that yet. Stood it up in a wicker basket over night and it worked the next day. Now it’s happening again, is soaking it in rice the only fix. Have to run out and get some rice I guess.

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Mr. Aparo, as you discovered your Anova’s solid start electronics are protesting being wet. Save your rice, it should dry overnight as long as you live in a relatively dry climate and not on Florida’s coast.

Next turn to prevention of your problem which is usually the result of moisture in the form of water vapour getting into your Anova during a long cook at an elevated temperature. Typical steps users employ include floating ping pong balls on the water surface and covering the water bath either near the Anova or entirely.

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I am having the same issue so I assume moisture however I am also having display issues as well. Is my device dead?

Rory, don’t bury it yet. Maybe it’s not dead but just resting. It’s difficult to tell if a little moisture caused the malfunction.

Heat and moisture can damage solid state components. SV cooking doesn’t get hot enough to do damage, however a prolonged exposure to moisture can.

What steps have you taken?
Did you check your electrical service at the receptacle?
Did you contact Anova Support?
Did you check the Anova internal fuse?

Thank you so much for the reply. Actually it bounced back to life! I think it was just grumpy. I was cooking at 185° and covered the container with foil. The vent created excess steam affecting the unit.

Any idea where I can score another bracket? (The piece that secures the unit to the container). My (super) glueing fix melted as a result of my foil incident as well.

Mistreatment often results in grumpy devices. It also does the same to me.

Check with Anova support about your bracket. They are usually helpful in keeping you cooking. That glue wasn’t very super. See if you can get some of the adhesive used by surgeons and Emergency Department docs. It’s really super. Always wear gloves when applying it though.

Now, what adjustments are you going to make to prevent your next case of the high-temp grumpies? Maybe a bit of a vent opposite your Anova and a towel draped around the shaft just below the display?

I always cook in a styrofoam cooler with a cutout for the anova on one corner. I also always use a blue surgeon’s cloth (Blue Huack towel) and stuff it around the hole and between the unit and any gaps… this stops evaporation or vapor escaping up near the unit. You can use most any hand cloth or kitchen cloth to do this…

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A tip to help prevent water vapor from entering the head. Get the lid from a round tub of margarine or Cool Whip, or whatever you have that comes in a plastic tub with a plastic lid. Using the metal tube from your ANOVA as your template, draw a circle in the center of the lid. Cut out the circle you just drew. Slip this “collar” under the head of the circulator prior to inserting into the holder. Provides a nice shield that will deflect the vapor/steam.


Very nice suggestion @Dr_Rok!
I think there are quite a few folks who will find this suggestion quite useful!

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I didn’t see another place to post this, so here goes. I love and use my Anova often. In my quest to keep everything clean I unscrewed the bottom of the unit because it looked a bit rusty in there (possibly from a grate I had use in the bottom of my container). I cleaned it all well. and then ----- Well those teeny threads were such a bugger to get back on that it took me a half hour to line the threads up so that it would not be cross-threaded. In future iterations of that fine product might there be a more user-friendly way to clean up inside the bottom of the unit ?

Gadget, taking some preventive steps might be an appropriate solution for you. Consider using good quality stainless steel items in your vessel to avoid the rust problem.

I give my Anova an occasional soak in white vinegar followed by a thorough water rinse to remove any accumulated salts from the submerged bits of the circulator.



My sous vide I have used less than 12 times…it now sticks at 32 degrees on the monitor but the water is heating…bad sensor? I feel like it is defective and from reading reviews on line many people have had this problem…help! Left 2 messages for customer service and have had no reply.

Bondix or Gorilla glue should work. I would use Bondix first.
Bondix can only be purchased online, but works great! I used it
on the bracket that holds the Anova.