App Improvements Update

Hey there #anovafoodnerds, we have an update on what’s in development. We want to make sure we’re responding to requests to improve our app so that we make it easier and delightful to use. Apple recently enabled the ability for us to respond to App Store reviews so we’re responding to issues we’ve read to make sure you know we’re listening (for both iOS and Android users).

Login Requirement: A majority of the reviews we read were about the login requirements we made back in April. We promptly removed the login requirement after hearing from many users that it was upsetting. We still require people to log in if they want to use WI-FI features or voice integration.

WI-FI Troubleshooting: We have very high Bluetooth connection rates but WI-FI connections can be problematic for some people. We’ve identified solutions to common problems and we have a new troubleshooting tool available to users in our app to help our customer service diagnose WI-FI connection problems.

Location Access: One issue that bothers some of our Android users is that the operating system asks them to grant location access in order to connect via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control as it is a requirement of the Android operating system. You can read more about this at: (Also, If you’d like to join us in the fight to remove this less-than-useful feature, please share your feedback with Google:

Time + Temperature in App: You shared with us that it is hard to enter time and temperature or to change what was entered in our app and we’ve already begun work to improve this.

Recipes: We are currently focused on improving our recipe site for better integration with the app. We’ve heard many people request the ability to customize and personalize recipes, add variations, and improve recipe search. We’re working on the best ways to do that.

Ice Bath Feature: This feature, which was once available, needed to be removed because it was confusing for some people and it became more complicated to support than we thought. We are still investigating the best way to re-introduce it. We know this isn’t ideal and we are truly sorry for pushing this out even further. We will keep you updated and we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns around these delays.

In-App Customer Support: To make responding to you easier and faster, we will soon have improved customer support and feedback tools available within the app. You will soon be able to reach a customer support rep via live chat or email from within the app. If you still have feedback but don’t want to contact a representative, we have had a link to provide feedback in the app and will soon have a new feedback form to use with it.

That’s all for now. Please let us know what you think. We value your feedback and suggestions.

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Thanks for sharing @NateAnova. You’re freakin’ awesome!

The folks in the UK were asking for the Alexa skill - that it be populated in the Amazon UK environment (given that the US version is still in “preview” status, why can’t you guys populate for that for them, still in a preview mode? (to minimize support calls).
(given it’s English anyways…) :slight_smile:

From the last time I checked, it was in the review process. So lemme check if there’s anything new on this. @fischersd

Any official explanation yet on why the Multi-Step & Multi-Cook functions which are done in the app are being withheld from the BT precision cooker units but being applied to the Nano BT only units?