App rejects four digit code generated by Precision Cooker Pro

I just got the Precision Cooker Pro. During initial set up, everything goes well until I’m supposed to enter the four digit code on the Pro’s display into the app. The app keeps rejecting the code. I’ve tried on both a current generation iPad Pro and a current model LG android phone. Both units have the most recent OS. Each has the same problem. I then deleted, then reinstalled the app on both units, and no change. And yes, on the screen where you choose which model you have, I am correctly selection the Pro model. Any suggestions??

I just got a response back from Pete from Anova support that resolved the problem.

When you get the pairing mode on the Anova app, check your phone’s WiFi settings and see if you can detect the network named ‘Anova####’.
-Take note of the digits and enter it as your password twice.
-If the network is named ‘Anova1234’, then enter the password 12341234
-Once connected, launch the app again to continue the setup process.

Let me know how it goes.


Peter Chua
Anova Culinary”

Thanks Pete for a very quick and painless response!!