App Tells me user does not exist cant connect to Wifi because of it.

Been Using my Anova for months now but since the new app I cant connect to Wifi because it says my account doesnt exist

Ahh that’s weird! There might be something funky going on - but no worries. That’s something that customer support can help troubleshoot. I’d definitely drop them a message at

Me too. Able to log in this forum with safari but when using the anova app it says user does not exist.
I am reasonably sure i still exist, although I could be mistaken

My completely uninformed suspicion would be that the app is not checking users in the same place as this forum. Just sayin.

So what about this, would like to enable wifi again. Not possible since stupid registration needed.

To use your Anova via Wi-Fi, you’ll need to create an account. That can be done with an email address.

Hello. I just installed the phone app on my phone. I already have an Anova Community account; are you saying I have to create a separate account on the app to use WiFi? Not a big deal, I just want some clarification.

That is correct! They are separate.