I’m confused…Can I put something in pot and then turn it on from work? Because i’m at work and it keeps telling me it’s “looking for Anova” move into range. Is there something I should have done before leaving or can you not do that?

You can turn it on away from home if you have the Wi-Fi unit. Is this model you have?

No actually it’s the blue tooth

That’s probably why. The range for Bluetooth is just too short. You can only control the cooker away from home or at a longer range with the Wi-Fi model.

And the WiFi Anova must be connected to the internet via your home WiFi. And your phone must be connected to the internet via WiFi or a cell phone data plan so that the app can communicate with the WiFi Anova at your home. (Just adding a little clarification just in case!)

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I have a WIFI version of the cooker and have the same problem. Everything works perfectly well when I’m at home, when my iPhone app and Anova cooker are on the same home network they talk to each other no problem. I leave the cooker plugged in in the morning, check my app to make sure it sees the cooker and leave. At work my iPhone connects to WIFI here but when I open the app I get this message “looking for Anova, move into range”. I tried to connect just using my phone data plan (WIFI turned off) and no connection either.
Is there something I’m not doing correctly?

If you didnt at the start, you have to set you wifi unit being close to it. Then log the app into your anova account, then from setting choose to connect your unit to wifi, the whole procedure being close to the unit. Then you can use your data plan or whatever internet connection.

Thanks nybreath, I’ll repeat the setup again tonight when I get home and try it again tomorrow.