Apple Homekit/Siri support?


I’ve been an Anova user for two years now; my bluetooth precision cooker has been my most-used kitchen tool, and my friends have listened to me preach ad nauseum about the merits of sous vide. I have been eyeing the 2nd-gen WiFi model for a long time, and finally made the upgrade during the Amazon PrimeDay sale.

My question: is there Siri support, and if not, when will there be Siri support?

I remember seeing this advertised as a feature of the 2nd-gen WiFi model, in fact it’s a large part of why I wanted to make the upgrade. I remember seeing the Apple Homekit logo on the product’s page on the Anova website, and I’m pretty sure the Anova WiFi cooker was even listed for sale on Apple’s website under the Homekit-compatible category.

I set up my cooker last night, though, and didn’t see Siri mentioned (Google and Alexa WERE mentioned), and now looking into it again I can’t find any mention of Siri or Homekit on the Anova website, and the Anova cooker is no longer for sale on Apple’s website.

What happened? I was really looking forward to being able to tell Siri how to cook my lamb.


“Siri,go make me a sammich.”

I know our cookers support Google Home + Alexa. Lemme double check about Siri or Homekit. Will get back to you on this.

Hey @kanders - OK so I checked in with the team about Siri/Homekit support. Our current models just don’t support it :(. Really sorry about that! To confirm, you can connect Google Home + Alexa to our WIFI cookers.

That’s pretty disappointing. Thank you for checking for me!

With iOS 12 comes support for Siri Shortcuts. It should be doable for your developers to add support within your Anova app to associate a shortcut to a recipe. No modifications to hatdware would be required.