Auto switch off with program

Have used the unit many times but currently cooking ribs for 36 hours on auto. The problem is that the timer expires in the early hours of the morning!!! Two questions therefore:

  1. Does the program automatically switch the unit off after the program has ended (and if not what is the point of it?) and
  2. Does it “beep” when finished???

If the answer to either of these is YES I guess I can always stop it and manually program for a set time. Again, if I do this will it beep - or is there a way of muting it?


1). It keeps running
2). Yep, there’s that annoying beep that you have to stop the APC cook to clear.

It’s for this reason that most of us don’t use the timer in the app. Me, I use my calendar in my phone for longer cooks - any timer in your phone will also work just as well.

You really wouldn’t want the APC stopping the cook at the end of the timer - if you’re away / asleep, your vessel could cool off and put your food into the danger zone (40F-129F) long enough to make it unsafe.

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For shorter cooks I use a timer that hangs around my neck. It has 3 timers in one so I can set it to remind me to start the sides since I am easily distracted during even a 2 hour cook. Here is the one I use:

For longer cooks I also use my phone. I try and arrange the end time so that it is near the meal time.