Beeps before the right time

Water is ready before time

I put the device to 140 degrees manually
And he beeps that he’s ready for 139.7

I put it with the application, and the same thing, but the application announces that the water is ready, but the device reaches 140

What is going on here ??

It’s a pre-alert beep. It’s normal.

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Are you sure? Sounds strange to me because the timer also started working early. I’ll be watching again

u from anova?? spurt

I only run mine in manual mode and it beeps a few degrees before the target temp is reached and then it beeps again when it hits target temp. I don’t pay too close attention to it anymore but IIRC the number of beeps or the duration is different for the two conditions.

I use a Thermoworks TimeStick Trio for timing, the Anova timer is so poorly implemented I find it to be useless, so I can’t comment on why the timer is starting early.

Hey there @jo2! Welcome to the community. It is normal for the cooker to beep a bit prior to reaching its target temperature - as @acs mentioned.