Beta test Anova's iPhone app (Developers Only)

Please contact me if you’re interested in beta testing our iPhone app. Thanks!

Where do we report back bugs and other feedback?

I don’t understand why one can only set the timer to 23h 59m in the app. 72h cooks are fairly normal! I think one should be able to set it to 99h 59m in the app.

It is annoying that I cannot change/adjust the timer directly on the cooker after having set it in the app. In a future firmware update the timer function should be completely redesigned.

@"Stephen Svajian"‌ I’ve received the invite and signed up/installed Test Flight earlier this week, but it’s still saying “no available builds”. I’m showing as a Tester in the Anova Culinary team, so definitely enrolled ok. Are there any other steps required to access the beta?

@aarthur Great question, yes, our team will send over another email sometime tomorrow which will enroll you in the Anova build and enable you to download the beta.

My email to bounced.

@leonard‌ Please try again :slight_smile: