bluetooth always disconnect

I recently bought the bt version and the app with out fail always losses connection to the device.
Is the app that badly built that it cant maintain the bt connection or the device it self has issue.

Before ppl say the range is short, my phone is about 10 inch away from the device and it still drops.

Why is this the case, it is bad design on the device or the app?

Oddly enough, the problem might actually be that the phone is too close to the Anova. This is often a problem with Bluetooth devices. If you haven’t already, try moving them at least a few feet part and see if that helps. It’s also possible that there is some source of 2.4GHz radio interference nearby that is causing the problem.

And, of course, it’s also possible that the Anova’s BT radio/software is defective.

well the phone being close or far, it still disconnects. BT has a range of 30 meters. Yes that is the potential range, but being 2 feet or 5 feet away it will still disconnect with out fail.

Tested on 2 phones to see if it is the phone but both phone experience the same problem.

Make sure you don’t have another BT device connected to the Anova. I had my phone and iPad both connected, and Anova kept dropping the phone connection. Once I disconnected my iPad, the phone has worked fine.

it just 1 phone connecting at time. just testes with 2 phone to make sure it is not the phone that is having the problem.

what is causing the problem is still unclear to me as once paired, it should work with out any disconnect. it is the only device that I ha e seen having this issue.

if there is any test I can do or a firmware update I can to to fix this would be great.

juat hope the wifi+bt version I got for my parents does not have this issues.

is there any anova support thatcan help with this issue?

It’s hard to say what the issue is without troubleshooting. I recommend reaching out so they can dig deeper into the connection issue you’re having over Bluetooth.

Here’s a question for you, what are you cooking in? Are you using one of those really shiny stock pots? Could you be blocking the Bluetooth? I’m not sure where the antenna is located.

Hmmmm…I don’t think that would cause the issue. I’ve used a stock pot for some of my cooks and Bluetooth connectivity was fine.

I’m pretty sure the BT radio would be located in the control head with the other electronics, and not the heating element/circulator housing.

BT is really not a very reliable interface. I have occasional drops from the Anova, but I have even more problems with BT speakers and headsets on my phone and iPad and keyboard and mouse on desktop machines.