Bug - you have to reselect the recipe every time access the app in android

Here’s the use case - I am making my grocery list, and I pull up a recipe on the Anova app. I use another app on my android phone for my grocery list. I see that I need two shallots, for example, then switch to my grocery app to add them to the list. I switch back to the Anova app and since my Anova is not on, it says lost connection, and now I have to go find and pull up the recipe all over again. When I return to the Anova app, it should have the same screen displayed as when I left it.

@mlamb Yeahhh, if the device is not on it will say “Lost Connection” because it can’t find the Anova. That’s normal. However, when I do switch between the Anova app with other apps, I am usually able to get back to the recipe (I have an Android btw). I’d suggest re-downloading the app to see if helps with the kink. If not, it’s alright, you can just message support@anovaculinary.com and they can troubleshoot the issue for you! :slight_smile: