Burn smell / Pop noise when first startup / Keep beeping / Sad


I saw your reddit post

I just received my anova, decided to go for one even if i read a lot of bad review concerning the amazon model being faulty…, i ordered the 900WATTS WIFI model, was pretty excited to use it, day 1, first try, and it doesn’t work.

In the first minute we turned it on, after pairing the wifi etc, as soon as the unit started heating, we heard a loud noise, like a resistance exploding or something.

Then after that, the unit doesn’t keep a steady temperature, i recorded it and can send you a video of it if you want. On top of temp, it keep BEEPING every few seconds (BEEP BEEP BEEP, 3 short beep) everytime it reach the setup temperature, goes higher, goes lower etc… water level is good etc…

We would really want to enjoy the anova, and avoid posting a bad review on it, but as far as we are concerned at the moment, i payed 200 dollars (cost of the item + delivery in my country) for something that exploded / doesn’t work…

I contacted your support and hope you will be helpful in helping us… :frowning:

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Support are really the only ones who can help you. They are very good and will most likely arrange for a replacement item for you.

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Hey Andy, sorry to hear about your unit. Please note that is not normal and support can definitely help you out with getting you a healthy unit.

You are the best, can’t wait to hear from you guyz :slight_smile:

Yep! It looks like Shiela is taking care of your ticket. Be sure to follow up with her when you can. :slight_smile:

Currently with your support by email, thanks :slight_smile:

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