Buying replacement motor. Support is not very supportive

I live in the Philippines and have been trying to find a replacement motor for my kickstarter version of the Bluetooth cooker. It is to bulky to use in my carry on luggage  and send it in to support and wait for the return. I am only in the US for a short time. I am just looking for a place to buy a replacement motor and a part number. I am running out of time and Jona has not been able to understand my dilemma. I also have not been able to talk to a live person to ask for help also. 

Sorry, but I’m doubting anyone here is going to be able to point you to a different company to get a replacement motor for your PC.

You really should be using the e-mail address and phone number for support and contacting them directly to see if you can’t get something orchestrated for when you’re in the US.
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I am willing to buy it from Anova but when you call the number if has you leave a voicemail. I then get a e-mail reply from a very unsupportive support staff. I am just wondering if I can BUY a replacement motor. I work in the arctic circle in Alaska. It is very remote and it will cost me around $100 to go to the place I can receive mail. I am trying to make this as cost efficient as possible. I also am stuck for 3 weeks at a time. That is the reason I am just looking for a replacement part. Working extremely remote has a few draw backs but my kids thank me for it when they have food on the table. Do you now understand why I didn't want to go into a big story on why it is a pain for me to do a rma process for a water heater. Trust me it would be a bit easier.

Well, certainly not good if they’re not even answering the phone.

You should send Bill Clark a PM (Private Message) - just click on your userid above, that brings down a drop-down menu - click on inbox, then click on new message.  Start to type Bill, then select Bill Clark.  Bill’s in charge of Operations and Support.  With any luck, he’ll get this sorted for you and get back to you quickly.

I’d also send another e-mail to the generic inbox at Anova ( and .cc the support e-mail to it - again, re-itterating the problem you have and the lack of support you’ve received.   That will make it more visible (and will, hopefully, get some action).

Hopefully you’re able to get some communication back from them.

Phones are online - I’m surprised you haven’t received a reply and I’ll be looking into that separately. 

Regarding the replacement motor - We don’t sell the parts individually unfortunately. The best we can do is exchange the device for you which can take roughly 3 to 10 days depending on where you live.

As @fischerd suggested above - send me a message here and I’ll see how best we can help you out.
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Hi Bill,

I’m also in the Philippines with the same issue. We bought this unit from Amazon in the US but brought it here in the Philippines. Unfortunately plugged it in accidentally in a 220V outlet and ran it for like 2 mins or less then it smoked and stopped working. Still has its full display on and everything.

I tried to open it to check if it was a busted fuse but upon plain sight inspection only (no touching the internal parts whatsoever) the copper wire in the motor got cut/burned. Is it wise to just have the copper “rewounded up” or what would you suggest?

Thanks and hoping for the soonest reply as my small cafe is about to open and I plan to use this in the cafe and promote anova here in the Philippines.